Bill Slagle

Bill Slagle

Teacher - Trainer - Speaker -Consultant

Raised in Ohio by educator parents, I heard stories from my mother about 2nd grade, and about high school from my father at a young age.  Dad was the high school principal at the K-12 school that I attended, so everyone knew I was a teacher’s kid.  My junior year, Dad brought home an application for Navy ROTC, and I applied, won a slot at Miami University, and earned a computer analysis degree and an officer commission.  On to the US Navy!

                I served 23 years, 14 flying and 9 in staff jobs.  I enjoyed my 6 years as a ground and flight instructor in the P-3C aircraft, an anti-submarine plane.  Attached to a Navy unit in England that was the host for 2 DODDS schools, I served on the school board for the West Ruislip Elementary School in a London suburb.  My final job in the Navy was as Navy ROTC instructor at Iowa State University.

                Since my son was a first grader to the present, I have volunteered as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America, 5 years as scoutmaster.  Teaching outdoor skills and mentoring boys in grades K-12, I gained valuable teaching skills through BSA adult training lessons, real-life outdoor experiences in camping and adventure situations, handling challenges with individual boys, and rubbing shoulders with other parents.  The years as adult leader in the Boy Scout program have been some of the most rewarding of my adult life!

                My second career as a pilot for FedEx Express Corporation exposed me to a huge variety of fellow pilots in the course of frequent flights around the country.  Men and women of varying backgrounds and experiences helped me learn about people…how they behaved in society and what motivated them.  A great training ground for human psychology!

                Nearing my second retirement, I wanted to give back and help people.  Probably from my interest in the series of Citizenship merit badges in the Boy Scout program, I wanted to find a way to help others become good citizens in communities, our country and the world.  Picking up trash around town and voting are simple and easy acts of citizenship, but steering kids toward good behavior through personal responsibility matched up with my passions.

                My four kids are all on their own, and my wife and I bought a country home in Troy, Ohio.  I continue to help out with a local scout troop, feed my aviation interest by volunteering at WACO Air Museum, and do after school tutoring at Lincoln Community Center.  Discussing classroom management with K-12 teachers and administrators keeps me engaged in education and with educators who share my interest in kids.

  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • Former Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Iowa State University
  • Former Pilot Flight Instructor, U. S. Navy
  • MBA from Webster University
  • Graduate of Miami University (Ohio)